An Excerpt From My Novel – My Hope Tarnished

An excerpt from a novel I’ve been working on (although I haven’t written anything at all recently):

My hope, tarnished like an abandoned bicycle chained to a tree for years;
As the bicycle, my aspirations chained to the harsh physical realities;

One day, will I finally accept myself for leading a mediocre life?
Because until then, with the demons of my childhood dreams, I fight.

-Rossalyn, the protagonist of my novel

4 responses to “An Excerpt From My Novel – My Hope Tarnished”

  1. jpruf says:

    I decided to get back to it this spring 🙂

  2. Very nice. Would love to see more. Can you check out my page and let me know what you think.. I’m starting a blog about my novel taRNished that you can access from my page

  3. jpruf says:

    Interesting approach to promotion! I’d be interested to see the final product. PS Thanks for the motivation.

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